Wireless Lighting Control

The “ULTIMATE” Wireless/Remote controlled Dimmable Electronic Ballast from RF Arrays makes fluorescent dimming systems fast and easy to install. RF Arrays has designed and developed a unique state of the art system for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Based on IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee protocol the system can wirelessly control, monitor and manage complete lighting system through a user friendly software from a centralized PC. Timely ON/OFF and intensity control as per ambient light conditions saves up to 40% energy cost. Higher operational frequency increases lamp life by 20 to 25%.

The “ULTIMATE“ dims direct through RF Module from a centralized PC thereby requiring no additional control wiring. This ease provides an easy-to-install retrofit option along with cost-effective new construction opportunities.

“ULTIMATE” does not have to ramp up to full light output and then dim. The ballast will start lamps at the low dim level. The full dimming range helps to improve comfort levels for area occupants.

The “ULTIMATE” ballast utilizes a lamp end-of-life (EOL) detection system. This system safely removes power from the lamp at end of life and prevents lamp overheating.

The Dimming Ballast adjust Light Levels through low voltage controlled frequency modulation. It provides controllable brightness without sacrificing energy efficiency.

RF Arrays Wireless Lighting Solution