Dr. Chandra Deshpandey

Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director

Dr. Chandra Deshpandey is a founding member of RF Arrays Group of Companies, as well as key member on its Board of Directors. Operationally, he serves as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of RF Arrays Inc. and Managing Director of RF Arrays Systems Pvt. Ltd. In this capacity, he is responsible for the overall guidance of the company with relation to business strategy, development, & operations, as well as investor relations; subsequently all to manage the company in achieving its mission and goals as identified by the board.

On both the academic and corporate level, Dr. Chandra Deshpandey is internationally recognized for his contribution in the field of materials science & semiconductor technology. He has obtained an M.Sc. in Physics from Nagpur University and M.Tech. & Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi. Dr. Deshpandey was further awarded the Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) from the University of Sussex, U.K. for his outstanding contribution to Semiconductor & Thin Film Processing Technology. Continuing in the academic sector, Dr. Deshpandey served as Professor in the Department of Materials Science at the University of Sussex, Research Professor at the Royal Cavendish Laboratory & the University of Cambridge, and Senior Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering & Materials Science at the University of California at Los Angeles. In addition, Dr. Deshpandey has served as a consultant to the Government of India on many technical programs; as well as various advisory committees including NSF, the Department of Energy, & SDIO in the United States. Dr. Deshpandey’s reputed career in the Semiconductor Industry has entailed around 350 publications to his credit and holds some 45 patents in Thin Film Technology & Semiconductor Devices.

Dr. Deshpandey’s professional career geared up towards the corporate arena in 1990 with Applied Materials Inc., a leading Fortune 500 Semiconductor Equipment Company. At Applied Materials, Dr. Deshpandey held various senior management positions driving the overall Technological Advancement & Strategic Business Development in the company. Nearly 10 years after working in the Silicon Valley Industry, Dr. Deshpandey ventured into his own projects as a founder of Angstrom Inc., wherein he was also President & C.E.O. Angstron Inc. was launched in 2001 to develop advanced processes and equipment for Sub 90 Nanometer IC Technologies. The technology which was developed further qualified at major IC manufacturers around the globe, and thus the company was acquired very successfully by Novellus Systems Inc. in 2003. Soon thereafter, Dr. Deshpandey ventured into RF Arrays Group of Companies.