Advanced Metering Infrastructure

The growing magnitude of our energy and environmental challenges requires us to raise the bar on what AMI technology must deliver to utilities and consumers. At a minimum, AMI must meet the utility’s needs for accurate measurement and more frequent data collection. The right AMI solution can deliver cost-effective, proven results, and provide the flexibility to deploy and migrate to a wide range of capabilities depending on business requirements.

RF Arrays Advanced Metering Infrastructure Solution

RF Arrays Systems has developed an AMI system using wireless ZigBee Technology, which can remotely monitor and collect data from the utility energy meters of the consumer without any human intervention.  We utilize robust yet affordable solutions to provide our customers with the services they need.

This wireless network application will benefit the utilities wherein they can actually quantify the real time consumption of the consumers; thereby ascertaining any discouraging activities and disparity between the supply & consumption of electricity. This system can be used to manage the energy resources more efficiently and help in pinpointing the irregularities in the electricity distribution and consumption.