Any candidate considering a career in a Information Technology hardware firm will probably have watched recent developments in our sector with great interest. Global economic climate is presenting exciting new challenges to firms like ours, and a range of opportunities previously unseen.

Well done so far. Now it’s time to take the next step and set out on that career path.

At RF Arrays, we have experience of introducing new candidates to the workplace and we know we do it well. We are a firm that recognizes our people as our most important resource, making every effort to help them to excel. We have built a high performance culture by investing in our people. Our excellent team, in turn, contributes to the outstanding success experienced by many of our clients.

We have worked hard to become an employer that people choose to work for, and have listened, responded to and learned from graduates over the years since inception.

As a result we believe that we can provide you with what you need and expect from a leading professional hardware firm.

We offer:

  • a range of experience that will prepare you for the future;
  • a supportive and challenging environment;
  • excellent career opportunities.

It’s not surprising that we believe we provide a great place to begin your career.

We hope that this inspires engineers to come aboard with us…


  • Experience in growing field of telecommunications.
  • Exposure to state of art technology and facilities.
  • As company grows responsibility & the personnel grows with their involvement to be a part of Multi-National.


 Sameer Deshpandey (Executive Director)

“RF Arrays is striving to proliferate & achieve market value in this new & innovative field of RF Technology & related applications. However doing such complex work here in India, let alone in Nagpur, is a formidable & respectable task given the current environment of global market competition.

As our field is relatively new, as such is our team; which we are always in sight to build stronger. We are composed of many young, talented and ambitious individuals with the support of an experienced management team; who together all envision success on a global level. Though being accustomed to work ethic of the West, I still find that having the common goal to succeed is our most important driving force.”

M. Asgar (Technical Director)

“At RF Arrays we go by the byline enjoy@work. We encourage and motivate the employees to bring out the best in them and put their ideas into action, by providing the right workplace environment and encouraging the work-life balance.”