Distribution Substation Automation

RF Arrays has designed & developed an unmanned substation data acquisition solution consisting of RF Arrays ‘RDAB 31’ Board with a hybrid network of RF Arrays High Power Modules & GSM/GPRS. ‘RDAB 31’ data acquisition board can measure, monitor, and transmit parameters like Voltage, Current, Frequency, PF, KV, KW to a central control room. The Solution has a facility to preset current control on each output branch. The current and time lag can be preset to trip the feeder in overload conditions automatically. The solution senses the transformer parameters like KV, tap position, temperature of the transformer, oil temperature, buck trip, buck alarm, oil temperature trip, winding temperature alarm, auto tap position control etc. The solution also provides Power Factor Capacitor bank ON/OFF, depending on the preset power factor reading. This real time wireless monitoring and control solution provides a powerful tool to the utility companies to effectively measure, monitor, analyze, control, manage & maintain the power distribution system. The Data analysis helps to pinpoint areas of losses and measures to prevent them.

RF Arrays Substation Monitoring Solution