RF Arrays Systems Pvt. Ltd., guided by Dr. Chandra Deshpandey C.E.O. & M.D.; which was launched during the summer of 2004 in India with a focus on ‘science-based investments with the potential to create order of magnitude improvements in costs & performance’. We have made a strong commitments in terms of capital & support required to design, develop, and implement solutions driven on RF Technology. RF Arrays Systems Pvt. Ltd. was thus established in November of 2004, in line with our mission statement to ‘Provide Innovative Solutions to the RF Market by Designing, Selling & Marketing RF Components & Subsystems; & Striving to Exceed our Customers’ Expectations in Design, Service, & Value for Money’.

In addition to our facilities & company headquarters in Nagpur, India headed by Dr. Deshpandey. This office oversees the responsibility of Sales/Marketing, Business Operations, as well as Strategic Business Development & Customer Interaction. Concurrently, we at RF Arrays Group of Companies are growing rapidly; & our goal is to become a leader and establish ourselves as a premier company at the forefront of providing RFIC/MMIC & mixed signal designs, modules, and products for the global market.

RF Arrays stands distinct with its targeted business strategy to provide innovative design and products at competitive costs by utilizing the unique design talent and high productivity work force available in India, as well as being supported by an experienced senior executive team in the United States & Asia/Pacific. Our business model is strictly to drive the technology and product development as per the market and individual customer demands. This involves identifying and partnering with customers needing specific design and products; and by aligning ourselves with potential customers with targeted products would reduce the multiple risks associated with market windows and overall acceptance of technology.

In the short period of time of our existence, this model has shown tangible results as reflected by the MoUs & Strategic Alliance Agreements we have been able to form & execute with MNCs from the United States & Europe. Thus far, we have contracts for the development of RF Integrated Circuits and Modules; for applications ranging from WLAN / WiFi / WiMax, Wireless Audio and Video Streaming to Remote Sensing and Power Management. RF Arrays provides complete product solutions, from design to prototype to volume manufacturing, as well as marketing and customer support for these products. We are proud to state that RF Arrays Systems Pvt. Ltd. is the only company working on advanced IC and Module Design & Fabrication in India. We believe that our operation here in India will significantly contribute in providing training and experience on state of the art technology; and also help in building the infrastructure for manufacturing these products in India, particularly in Maharashtra.