Smart Grid

A Smart Grid as Wikipedia says, is a digitally enabled electrical grid that gathers, distributes, and acts on information about the behavior of all participants (suppliers and consumers) in order to improve the efficiency, importance, reliability, economics, and sustainability of electricity services.

Smart Grid entails smart power generation,smart transmission and smart distribution of the power.

RF Arrays Smart Grid Solution

Smart power generation is a concept of matching electricity production with demand using multiple identical generators which can start, stop and operate efficiently at chosen load, matching supply and demand, called load balancing, which is essential for a stable and reliable supply of electricity.

Next-generation Smart power transmission and distribution infrastructure will be better able to handle possible bidirectional energy flows amidst greater reliability and efficiency.

As the distribution sector has a greater role to play in minimizing the power losses and running the grid efficiently, RF Arrays has taken a lead in providing the information from key points such as distribution substations, distribution transformers and smart energy meters through its various solutions. RF Arrays has been contributing to the evolution of the smart grid technologies by working on wireless Scada and  AMR  solutions in providing energy audit information at each and every nodal point.

The information thus gathered will be helpful in improving the efficiency of the infrastructure right from the 33/11KV distribution Feeder to the distribution Transformer down to the energy meter at the customer premises.